Learn FLEXform Software from the comfort of your own office.

Our FLEXform Software training is convenient and cost-effective and quickly gets you up to speed on the software’s capabilities, configuration, and use.

Hands-on learning for your IT staff

This interactive training course is for IT personnel who maintain applications that use FLEXform to generate documents. The course includes both instructor-led and hands-on experiences. Attendees learn to use FLEXform Development Software.

Online training webinar

Our two-day online training webinar offers flexibility in scheduling while eliminating travel time and expenses. The two days of content can be delivered in two day-long sessions or in multiple shorter sessions. Students can attend webinar from almost anywhere since minimal set-up and standard connectivity is all that is needed. Our webinar format allows for one-on-one training where you can interact with the instructor in real-time. A series of hands-on exercises reinforce the concepts learned during the instructional sessions. We ship you all the necessary training materials before you begin.

Customized training

For special business needs, we offer onsite customized training. Our on-site trainer interviews you in advance to develop training that is appropriate and tailored for your organization. A custom training course is a minimum of two days in length for up to six attendees and includes customized training materials.